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    April 02, 2009


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    i would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.


    Wow I fit most the criteria except 5,6 and 8. I guess I must be a pedophile then even though I have never been sexually attracted to a child or had any desire to do anything disgusting to or molest a child.
    Wow I never even knew myself.
    You really something here.(Not)

    David Albright

    This is an excellent article..We all need to be vigilant in the protection of our children.. I have produced an e-book titled Safety At A Glance.
    We all have intuitive feelings about the people we meet..Safety At A Glance puts labels on our intuitive feelings when our inner alarm is activated

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    I think you should be researching about this issue more. Im 20, I like child like activities, I think its pure and innocent. I call children a friend because they relieve me of the stress of the abusive world of the adults, and isnt that why most people have friends? but instead of drinking and partying, I play with kids.

    13 year old kid and below, I cant call a friend? seriously??


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    Sam Caldwell

    It is good to see people being PRO-ACTIVE rather than REACTIVE as most of society and the media tend to be. However, I will take exception to items 5 and 6.

    On Item #5, I have known many convicted sex offenders. Most of those who target children were in fact married at the time of their offense.

    On Item #6, many of those sex offenders I have known were long time members of their community.

    These two items are the only misleading points. Otherwise I believe that the best way to protect children is to teach them to THINK independently and to make good decisions. This article is a step in that direction.

    But please remember, (a) MOST sex offenders are FIRST-TIME offenders, (b) As per US Dept. of Justice statistics ONLY 5% of convicted sex offenders are likely to commit a new sex offense. This means that relying on sex offender registries is not anywhere near as effective as simply using common sense.


    One way to reduce stress is to not worry so much "is my nice neighbor a pedophile" but to simply deny all but a select few adults the chance to be alone with your child unsupervised. This means if the neighbor wants to play with your kids at a neighborhood party, fine. If you live on a busy street, the front yards are fine too. But unless another adult is around, inside homes and back yards are a bad idea unless there is another adult around.

    Creeps will be afraid to do anything creepy when other adults are around, and your child will benefit from healthy interactions from your friends and neighbors, even if 1% of them would rather be alone with your kid doing something unwholesome.

    From time to time you will need babysitting and other services that require leaving your child alone with another adult. This is where the "select few" comes in. Those are the people who have earned your trust over time and who give off no bad vibes.

    There will also be sleepovers at your kids' friends' homes. Make sure there are two adults at all sleepovers. If there aren't, volunteer and don't take no for an answer.

    Anonymous in California

    The man across the street has given my kid gifts and whispered to him "don't tell your mom". He did this just steps away from me because I was already onto his m.o.
    I was on the other side of my s.u.v. and he walked right into our yard and did this. Then when I took the toy away from my pre-schooler and gave it back to the man and told him not to give my child gifts, of course it makes mom look like the "bad guy" to the kid. That was his plan. On two seperate occaisions he had an erection while talking to my daughter who was in pull-ups at the time. The first time in our front yard and the second time on the other side of our chain link fence. The first time I did not want to believe that it really was child attraction, maybe it was viagra or something. He is a man in his 70s. So I asked the child's pediatrician who said it was not from Viagra. Now of course I have no proof, no video of this incident, so it makes me look like the bad guy again, when I refuse to allow this popular neighbor near my kids and I do not want him always on my next door neighbor's front porches either. We live like in a prison where we cannot even go out in the front yard and play because this man is always lurking, always fixing cars in the street, always talking to every new kid that comes around. We have one of the only cul de sacs around, so parents send their kids to go play on our street because we have fewer cars.


    Your article was mentioned in the Sun Sentinel today. Please read my proposed childrens book that is also mentioned. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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